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Sensory Rice by Learn with Dom Kits

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Available in the following colours:

  • Black Sky (black sensory rice)
  • Earth's Soil (brown and orange sensory rice)
  • Green Field (green sensory rice)
  • Ocean (blue sensory rice)
  • Bloom (pink, purple, yellow sensory rice)

Includes: 1.25 cups of sensory rice

Ingredients: white rice, vinegar, and gel food colouring.

Please Note: Adult supervision is required when playing with the kits. All of our kits contain small pieces, therefore, it is a choking hazard. Please be careful. Our kits are not suitable for children under three years old. Any kits containing dried food (rice and beans), sand, and/or water beads, are for sensory play only. They are not meant to be eaten.

Made in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada