We understand that you may have some questions. Hopefully we can answer it here. If not please email us at info@farmerdaughterworkshop.com

Q: Do you offer shiping in Calgary?

A: Currently we only offer pick up from our Calgary pickup located in Elboya.


Q: What is the cut off date for Christmas pickups?

A: December 1, 2020


Q: When is the pickup dates in Calgary?

A: An email will be sent out after your purchase with the next pickup date. We schedule them once a month.


Q: Do the bed frames withstand the weight of an adult?

A: Yes they do, we build the bed frames the same as the bigger beds.


Q: Do the beds assemble easily?

A: Yes! Easier the IKEA. All you need is an Allen key.


Q: Where is the Edmonton store front located?

A: We are located at #100, 2257 Premier Way in Sherwood Park.


Q: What hours can I pickup from the Edmonton store front?

A: Monday to Saturday from 12-4pm


Q: What door do I pickup from at the Edmonton store front?

A: Just come around to the back of the building to the bay door with our sign, someone will be there to help you.


Q: If I choose Edmonton pickup/delivery, is that from your Sherwood Park location?

A: Yes, Our Store front in Sherwood Park is the Edmonton pickup location.


Q: What is the average wait for a bed?

A: Our typical turnaround is about 3-4 weeks


Q: Do you make the wooden toys inhouse?

A: sorry no, the wooden toys are sources from a third part supplier.


Q: What colours can I choose from?

A: The colours change each season. The current colours can be found on out home page of the website and in the media images of each item.


Q: What type of wood are the piklers made with?

A: Our piklers are made with fir and spruce.


Q: How much weight can your piklers hold?

A: Our piklers can hold up to 100 lbs


Q: What are the measurements of your tables?

A: Our small tables are 38”x44”, 24” high and the large table is 38”x48” and also 24” high.


Q: Do the bins in the sensory tables come with lids?

A: Sorry, both sizes do not come with lids. The large bins are from IKEA and lids are available from them.


Q: Can you adjust the angle of the piklers?

A: Sorry, no you can't adjust the angle, they lock into place when upright or can be folded flat for storage.


Q: What age are the piklers safe to play with?

A: With proper supervision they are great for any age once they are standing.


Q: Why is the price for Calgary more?

A: The addition $25 is to pay for the delivery of the product from out Edmonton warehouse to our Calgary pickup location.