Here's some of our most commonly asked questions - if you don't see the answer you're looking for here, please head over to our Contact Us page.


Q: Do you have any furniture items that are ready to purchase today?

A: Generally no, not at this time. We're working on having some stock available, however right now items are all made to order.


Q: How long will it take for my order take to be completed? Will I get updates during production?

A: As all our items are made-to-order, they can take between 1-6 weeks from payment date to completion (Climbers are usually 2 weeks and beds 6 weeks). As we're still a small business, we don't yet have the infrastructure to be able to offer order tracking, but you'll get an email when your order is ready for pickup! You can always contact us if you have any questions or concerns.


Q: Where is your store front located?

A: We are located at #100, 2257 Premier Way in Sherwood Park, which is also the location for customer pickup.


Q: What are the pickup hours?

A: Tuesday to Friday 11-3pm  and Thursday till 6pm and Saturday 10-2pm (at the address above!)




Q: If I choose Edmonton pickup/delivery, is that from your Sherwood Park location?

A: Yes, Our storefront in Sherwood Park is our current "Edmonton" pickup location.


Q: Do you offer shipping?

A: We're able to have an item shipped to Calgary, to be picked up from our Calgary pickup location. This comes at an additional cost. Otherwise, our items are pickup only from our Edmonton/Sherwood park location.


Q: Why is the price for Calgary more?

A: The additional $25 or $50 per item is to pay for the delivery of the product from our Edmonton warehouse to our Calgary pickup location.


Q: When are the pickup dates in Calgary?

A: An email will be sent out after your purchase with the next pickup date. We schedule them once a month.


Q: Do the children's bed frames withstand the weight of an adult?

A: Yes they do! We build all our beds to withstand the weight of most bodies, both child and adult. 


Q: Do the beds assemble easily?

A: Yes! Easier than a certain common Swedish flat-pack furniture retailer. All you'll need is an Allen key.




Q: What colours can I choose from?

A: The colours change each season. The current colours can be found on out home page of the website and in the media images of each item.


Q: What type of wood are the Pickler Triangles made with?

A: Our Pickler Triangles are made from spruce and birch.


Q: How much weight can your Pickler Triangles hold?

A: Our Pickler Triangles can hold up to 100 lbs.


Q: At what age is it safe for my child to begin using a Pickler Triangle? 

A: With proper supervision they are great for any age, however, most children enjoy them best once they have begun standing. 


Q: Can you adjust the angle of the Pickler Triangles?

A: For structural integrity and overall safety, the Pickler Triangles can be locked into one position/angle when upright, and folded flat for storage. They are otherwise not adjustable.


Q: What's the deal with those Pickler Triangles, anyway?

A: Great question! Pickler triangles are based on the philosophy of Emmi Pikler, and these climbing structures also foster creativity by becoming a mountain, a castle, or whatever else ones imagination can dream up. And we think they look really beautiful, too!