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Eczema & Bottom Balms by Henry Bean Co.

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All natural Bentonite Clay-based body products made in Spring Lake, Alberta

When our fourth child Henry was born, he had tummy issues from the moment he entered the world.

After much grief, and terrible skin breakdown, it was determined Henry had a pretty severe cows milk protein allergy.

Every commercially available ointment, balm and cream did nothing to soothe his delicate skin. I would dread every diaper change for fear of hurting his vulnerable newborn skin.

I was determined to find something to heal Henry’s poor bottom. I began to research unconventional ingredients used around the world that aid in healing the skin. I was surprised to find many of these proven ingredients are not used in any commercially marketed diaper creams.

With some experimentation, with little Henry as my test subject; His skin suddenly began to heal and completely repair the raw, red exposed layers within days of use.

A great doula friend saw the dramatic improvement in Henry’s skin and planted the idea in my head to share the balm Henry inspired with others.