Butterfly Fly Rearing Net Cage
Butterfly Fly Rearing Net Cage
Butterfly Fly Rearing Net Cage
Butterfly Wings 'n' Wishes

Butterfly Fly Rearing Net Cage

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Professional quality insect rearing net cage. The same ones we used in the lab!

  • Fruit fly, parasite and parasitoid-proof 
  • Collapsible: folds down for compact storage
  • Easy to clean and sanitize 
  • Designed with UV exposure and airflow in mind
  • Designed with zipper guards to protect delicate insect feet from pinching
  • Stainless steel boning: no harmful metals
  • Available in black
  • Sizes available in medium 12x12x12 or large 12x12x24

Suitable for groups of up to 25 adult butterflies (medium), for hatching a praying mantis ootheca, or for rearing insects, plants, or other lightweight organisms that require an open space. Simply hang your paper towel or lids (with the butterfly pupa attached) to the sides of the cage, allowing them a safe and secure place to emerge and strengthen their wings. For ootheca, simply pin the ootheca to corner or to the sides of the enclosure. Line the bottom with paper towel for easy cleaning. 

Flight cages are sold separately from other items: they are designed with a long lifespan and year to year reusability in mind. These cages are entomological grade, the same used in the lab: we do not offer disposable or cheaply made options that may endanger your animals. They are sustainable but costly: ff you're looking for alternatives, check out our instructions for flight cage options!