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Loose Parts & Wooden Coins by Learn with Dom Kits

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Variations available:

  • Alphabet Wooden Coins
  • Solar System Wooden Coins
  • Numeracy Wooden Coins

Includes: 1.5″ wooden coins, and one cloth bag.

Learn with Dom Kits offers a variety of theme-based loose parts kits. Our most popular being numeracy and literacy kits. Our numeracy kits are often partnered with a ten frame, while our literacy kits are often paired with a picture book. 

Loose parts play is very open-ended. Meaning kids can use natural and/or synthetic objects, such as mini tree slices, twigs, rocks, seashells, plastic bottle caps, and buttons, to make whatever they’d like. A twig to a child, may be a “pretend” sword, noodles, or a pencil. When kids play with loose parts, it allows them to explore, be creative, build curiosity, and have an imagination. It also teaches kids to problem solve, for example, you can challenge a child to build a famous structure, just by using blocks, mini logs, popsicle sticks, etc. 

The great thing about loose parts is that you can use them in multiple ways. One day the loose parts can be used to build a farm, then the next day, an enchanted forest. And lastly, loose parts are a great addition to any subject in school. Create letters of the alphabet with acorns and/or use large wooden beads as counters! 

Please Note: Adult supervision is required when playing with the kits. All of our kits contain small pieces, therefore, it is a choking hazard. Please be careful. Our kits are not suitable for children under three years old. Any kits containing dried food (rice and beans), sand, and/or water beads, are for sensory play only. They are not meant to be eaten.


Made is Edmonton, Alberta, Canada