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Bath Soak by Oak & Aspen

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  • Vanilla Chai Salt Soak
  • Epsom & Oak Bath Soak
  • Dead Sea Salt Soak


Handcrafted in the Canadian prairies, Oak & Aspen is committed to producing all-natural, vegan, and environmentally-conscious bath and body products for those who wish to step away from a world full of toxins and clarify with intuitively-made, perfectly aromatic self-care blends. 

Feel good about the products you put on your skin!

The products we are bringing in for you are our best selling shower steamers, bath salts/soaks and our mini bath bombs!

What is a shower steamer?
Our shower steamers are simple pucks that sit on the floor of your shower. They are similar to a bath bombs but instead contain menthol and highly concentrated amounts of essential oils. They smell amazing and really clear your sinus' right out!